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Tea and Art
From Bio-Food to Folk-Art

Do you know, how to make jam? What a stupid question You buy it in the supermarket around the corner. But maybe you remember the delicious jam of your grandmother  hand made, with real fruits, without chemicals. You want to learn these skills again? Come to Transylvania, we will show you how to do it.

Youve always wanted to learn carving nice things with your own hands a
name - plate for your appartment or a unique present to your beloved, made of wood? Of course, you can go to a course in your home-town and learn it. But how about to combine this with an unforgettable stay in an unspoiled landscape like Transsylvania?

You pay an awful lot of money in your pharmacy for a herb tea. You have to, because, you don' t know any more the plants and where they grow. What would you think, learning this long forgotten knowledge again from specialists, who will show you  which plants are good for your health.

Do you remember, how real tomatoes taste? Not these red fruits you buy at your grocer he biological grown ones without artificial fertilizer or potatoes or an egg or a chicken. Eat healthy delicious food, clean your body from all the Gen-poison, you have already in it.

Transsylvania Tour and Travel offers you to learn forgotten skills together with an unforgettable stay in an environment, which is not yet sick through modernization. Where farmers still work as their ancestors, where tools are made as centuries ago, where people live with the products, mother nature offers them. We organize for you our own Hotel or our small rural pension, transfers, specialists, who teach you the forgotten knowledge, masters, who will work with you and teach you something. We organize everything, you need for an interesting  stay.

You decide, how exciting your stay in Transsylvania will be. With this interactive programme, you click your desired activities, send it to us and Transsylvania Tour and Travel will work out the desired itinerary for you with prices. Than you can compare with other companies and book your trip.

Here you can find example, how your holidays in Transsylvanian region could be organized

From Bio-Food to Folk-Art
One week relaxing in the Carpathian Mountains

Day 1 Flight Munich - Sibiu
Fly with the Austrian Company AUA from Munich to Sibiu with a short stopover in Vienna. We pick you up at the Airport and take you to our Hotel/Pension. Dinner

Day 2 Collecting wild fruits and herbs
After breakfast, you will go with local people to the forest. They show you the plants and explain you for what you can use them. You collect cranberries or mushrooms and you take them home.

Day 3 Jam and tea
Your host, who explained you the plants and herbs, will show you today, how to dry the plants, how to make jam of your collected cranberries or this delicious liquor, you have maybe tasted before from a farmer, who invited you.

Day 4 Churches and Castles
We will show you the cultural treasures of Transylvania. A minibus picks you up in the morning and a tourguide will go with you to the world famous fortified Churches of Biertan and Medias. Full with impressions, you will come home in the late afternoon.

Day 5 Handycrafts and  long forgotten Skills
  How about watching an artist, looking over his shoulder?
You come with us today to an artist in Sighisoara .There a master of  pottery will explain you his techniques, man are using since centuries. You can try your own skills and bring a unique present home.

Day 6 Working on a Farm
Instead of sitting eight or more hours in front of your com-puter, try it with farm-labour. A farmer of the region will show you, how to mow the grass, milk the cows or take potatoes out of the soil. Tired, but happy, you will come back.

Day 7 Weaving, Knitting, Painting
  You select a handycraft, you will be taught, and we will find a master for you, who will show you the secrets of weaving or knitting or painting on glass. You can combine all this, learn in the morning and hike in the after- noon, you make your personal itinerary and we organize it.

Day 8 Returnflight to Germany
In the morning, we transfer you to the Sibiu-Airport. You fly back via Vienna to Munich and return to your home.

Please click one or more items and send it to T.T.T.

Within two days, we will mail you an itinerary incl. prices.

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